LED Quick Connectors 10mm 12mm for Strip Tape Ribbon

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2 4 5 6 PIN Led Strip to Strip to Wire Quick Connector for Single Color 10mm 12mm RGB RGBW RGB+CCT IP20 IP65 Tape Light 22-18AWG Cable Hippo M Serie Snap SR

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Ryslux brings a wide range of wire splicing connectors including DC terminal connectors and IDC wire joint connectors. You can find here a vast variety of connectors to join wires in different shapes or extend them into different directions. The I shape wire joint has two pins. It is applicable with 22-20AWG solid and strand wires. These connectors use the insulation displacement method to make a connection. The connector has an IP rating of 40. The voltage or current capacity of this connector is 300V/9A. The PC and copper-made wire splicing 2pin connector is available in a combination of transparent and black and red and black colors. It is a reasonably priced product that you can purchase at wholesale price. Check out the entire selection of wire splicing connectors to find out an appropriate connector for joining wires. If you are reluctant, let the supplier help you in finding out a compatible product for your device.